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The AACD sets the standard for dedication to continued education and responsible patient care, and we make your success and career fulfillment our highest priority. Plus, we offer the world’s most respected advanced cosmetic dentistry credentialing program.

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In addition to the networking, camaraderie, support and encouragement you'll get from your fellow members, AACD will support your goal of clinical excellence and better patient results through educational resources and other member benefits that will enhance your career, save you money and make you a more successful practitioner.

As esthetic dentists navigate this terrain, the most successful ones have the AACD by their side. In fact, AACD Members, and particularly AACD Accredited Members, typically see more revenues and greater practice production from performing higher-margin comprehensive cosmetic, functional and restorative treatments.

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Demand for cosmetic dentistry across the nation represents the newest growth sector in dentistry, and last year alone, cosmetic dentistry in the United States generated an estimated $16 billion in revenue.*

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